Electronic Payments prides itself on providing our ISO and agent partners with ample opportunity to learn more about our most recent initiatives and technological advancements. With the addition of a weekly webinar series and a cooperative online discussion board, active ISO/MLS partners will collectively benefit from training and in-depth discussions relevant to the industry and Electronic Payments' products and services.

  1. Every Wednesday at 11 AM and 4 PM ET, Electronic Payments hosts two one-hour training sessions focusing on various topics and industry resources. Upcoming Webinar Series will cover a multitude of pertinent industry topics to help you gain perspective on all our Clover Placement Program has to offer as well as different strategies to help you market Clover to prospective merchants.
  2. Don't miss out! View our webinar schedule and register in advance at electronicpayments.webex.com and gain access to the latest information and tools!

  1. Bankcard Forum addresses a multitude of industry-related topics in a cooperative online setting. Discussion board topics include Pay-at-the-Pump, POS and Clover, ProCharge®, eGiftSolutions, Sales and Agent Support and more. The forum is an excellent communal resource for all things bankcard and provides access to a collective knowledge base and networking opportunities with colleagues and Electronic Payments’ leadership and staff. Visit www.bankcardforum.com to register.

  1. Offering valuable sales assistance for agents, Electronic Payments will conduct one-on-one Clover demos to assist our agents in the field. This unique opportunity allows you to present a cohesive demonstration to prospective merchant partners, creating a personalized sales approach.
  2. Contact Rob Freytag at (800) 966-5520, ext. 260 or Freytag@electronicpayments.com and schedule a personalized demo with your merchant.

  1. Electronic Payments has set up exclusive business meetings across the country that coincide with each regional conference. Our pre-show meetings provide hands-on educational opportunities, demos, sales strategies and one-on-one access to current initiatives and new product advancements! Space is limited so be sure to reference our schedule of events and reserve your spot ahead of time!
  2. Contact Keith Ashcraft at (800) 966-5520, ext. 223 to reserve your spot at any of our exclusive meetings!